Dr. Garrett has dedicated her career to research, teaching, and learning at the highest levels in the arts and humanities at universities (including Yale, Barnard College, Columbia, and SUNY Stony Brook) as well as in adult educational and elite private secondary contexts. Since 2017, she has turned her attentions to supporting motivated secondary students in the crucial transition period between high school and college: coaching them for college readiness, access, and success; advising their application processes (for summer programs, competitions, undergraduate study, and scholarships); and training them in college-level research and writing.

Dr. Garrett understands learning as a continuous, hybrid, lifelong process, particular to each individual. She believes (with apologies to the playwright David Mamet) that we should, at every age, "always be learning." She strives to connect authentically to learners' goals, to design and deliver learning projects and experiences that are, whenever possible:

  • interdisciplinary, multi-modal, performative, and collaborative

  • inquiry-driven, authentic, personal.

Dr. Garrett values and respects intellectual property rights, academic honesty principles, copyright, confidentiality.

Long Island Scholars, a 501(c)(3) Dr. Garrett co-founded and launched in May 2019, supports under-resourced public high school students in Nassau and Suffolk Counties in New York, from families under $125,000 AGI in college and career access. Scholars receive coaching and consulting in:

  • Researching, developing, preparing and applying for pre-college activities, programs, competitions, etc. towards resume development

  • Strategic approaches to college admissions: applications, essays, and financial aid 

  • Strategic testing planning and preparation

  • International Baccalaureate planning and preparation

  • Effective writing in multiple genres for high school, college, career.

In November 2020, she co-founded GPS Academy Great Neck, where she serves as Director of Educational Consulting.

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Dr. Shawn Marie Garrett


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With New Lab's co-founder Scott Cohen

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